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Career Cluster Crosswalk

Oklahoma based this model on the ACT World of Work Map in order to crosswalk the six ACT Career Clusters to the 16 U.S. Department of Education Clusters.

The ACT World-of-Work Map organizes occupations into six clusters (parallel to John Holland's six occupational types), 12 regions, and 26 career areas (groups of similar jobs). It graphically shows how occupations relate to each other according to primary work tasks.

The 16 U.S. Dept. of Education Career Clusters provide an organizing tool or framework for schools, colleges, small learning communities, academies, magnet schools, Tech Prep sites and High Schools That Work sites. Instruction and student experiences are organized around 16 broad categories that encompass virtually all occupations from entry through professional levels.

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Last Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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