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CareerTech Certifications


  • An education- and work-related credential, which could include a license or certificate, can be defined as a verification of an individual’s qualification or competence issued by a third party with the relevant authority to issue such credentials (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010).

To ensure an educated and skilled workforce, many industries and educational entities have successfully developed and implemented industry-recognized credentials to connect individuals to the skills they need to enter and advance in jobs. Many credentials are stackable, meaning they can build on previous competencies and skills through an individual’s lifetime.

Through ODCTE leadership, agency operations, dissemination of best practices and multiple delivery arms, Oklahoma CareerTech strives to increase student educational attainment of industry credentials.

An industry-recognized (endorsed) credential is defined by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) as:

  • “sought or accepted by employers within the industry or sector involved as a recognized, preferred, or required credential for recruitment, screening, hiring, retention or advancement purposes; and,
  • endorsed by a nationally recognized trade association or organization representing a significant part of the industry or sector, where appropriate.”

  • License – Awarded by state government agencies and required for a specific position
  • Certification –
    - Awarded by a professional organization or other nongovernmental body
    - Is not legally required to work in an occupation
    - Requires demonstrating competency to do a specific job, often through an examination process
  • Micro-credential certificate (skill) – Awarded for completion of a training, course, or series of courses
    - Issued for specific skill sets
    - Desirable, but not required

Students can earn various credentials through the completion of competency-based CareerTech programs in technology centers, comprehensive high schools, and in skills centers.  Some credentials may also be earned through the completion of course work that integrates the content needed to successfully earn the credential.


Approved Assessment List

The link above opens the full list of credentials that have been approved by the various program areas at Oklahoma CareerTech. The list includes information on the testing vendor, endorsement, alignment, SOC codes, and classification for each credential. Each credential is assigned a unique number within the information management system and is used to distinguish between similarly named credential products.

Credentials Book

The credentials book list the credentials included in the Approved Assessment List by cluster area and name.

A digital credential will be issued to those assessments listed on the Approved Assessment List that are provided by the CareerTech Testing Center or that are not currently provided from the assessment vendor.  To search our library of badges that will be issued by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, please click on the badge to the left.

For questions please contact Jennifer Palacio at 405.743.5160 or email.

Last Modified on Mar 25, 2024
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