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Through a network of 397 PK-12 school districts, 29 technology center districts, 16 skills center sites and 32 adult education and family literacy providers, enrollment in CareerTech programs exceeds 489,000. The CareerTech system served more than 8,764 businesses in FY23, increasing their profitability through some form of CareerTech service or training. Check out the videos below to learn how we do it.

Oklahoma Works: agencies unite to streamline workforce development

Oklahoma CareerTech, Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, and Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services are partnered under the national Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act with a common goal to streamline the delivery of state workforce resources to every Oklahoman.

Oklahoma Lt. Governor lends support to Choose Aerospace consortium: "This is the way."

Oklahoma educators, industry partners, and policymakers gathered October 13 at Tulsa Tech's Owasso campus in support of the mission of Choose Aerospace, a non-profit consortium aiming to fill the need for qualified aviation technicians.

Oklahoma Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell delivered a brief keynote on Oklahoma’s aerospace industry outlook.

Oklahoma policymakers recently made the Choose Aerospace maintenance curriculum free to schools and students that choose to establish a program.

CareerTech Aerospace

Steve Shaw reports that Oklahoma CareerTech is using grant money from an aerospace non-profit to bridge a glaring gap as long as they can.

Oklahoma's Film Industry, part 1: State of the Industry

Oklahoma's film industry is booming. Industry leaders weigh in on why productions continue to flock to our state and the need to train a responsive workforce.

Oklahoma CareerTech: Fueling the Oklahoma Economy

Oklahoma CareerTech has been training skilled and dedicated individuals for over 100 years. These individuals are the heartbeat of the Oklahoma Economy. Oklahoma is powered by CareerTech.

Oklahoma CareerTech: Investing in Oklahoma’s Future

Charlie is a story of how Oklahoma CareerTech is filling the critical occupations skills gap. Our work starts from the very beginning, inspiring young leaders and supporting them along their chosen career paths. These individuals are the heartbeat of the Oklahoma workforce, serving thousands of companies fueling the state’s economy. Oklahoma is powered by CareerTech.

Choose Aerospace: Industry leaders sound off on new, free maintenance curriculum

Oklahoma aerospace leaders & educators gathered in Tulsa this summer to receive training and to network regarding Choose Aerospace, a non-profit offering a maintenance curriculum that is free to Oklahoma students.

CareerTech University unites student organization state officers from across Oklahoma

CareerTech University brought together officer teams from seven CareerTech student organizations for two days of leadership training and camaraderie.

Oklahoma CareerTech: Oklahoma’s Workforce Solution

Oklahoma CareerTech is known for being nimble and flexible, quickly adapting to the needs of industry in Oklahoma. In addition to 29 technology centers across the state, Oklahoma CareerTech provides training through 391 PK-12 school districts, 15 Skills Centers, 32 Adult Education and Family Literacy providers and Work-Based Learning programs.

Joseph Gordon's meteoric path to a career in IT

Joseph Gordon landed a VxRail customer support job with Dell this year before his high school diploma was even printed. His secret? Hard work, independent study and the resources and education provided through Oklahoma CareerTech's Moore Norman Technology Center.

From Homeless Teen to Aircraft Quality Assurance Specialist - Porsha Lippincott's Story

Porsha's life changed when a counselor helped her find housing and a CareerTech aerospace program she resonated with. Today, she's an accomplished Quality Assurance Specialist at Tinker Air Force Base. We caught up with her to hear the next chapter of her story.

From CareerTech to MasterChef: Gabriel Lewis

Gabriel Lewis came home to Francis Tuttle Technology Center after appearing on a second season of MasterChef. During our interview, he spoke about his family's influence on his career, the culinary foundations established by the CareerTech System and what his future holds.

Small businesses meet huge opportunities at ICBS 2022

Small business owners and industry leaders echoed a cohesive message at this year's ICBS show: come here to find opportunities and support. We heard directly from these leaders about how the relationships forged through ICBS and OkPTAC directly impact their success in government contracting.

ICBS Testimonial - Sustainment Technologies

Veteran ICBS attendee Michael Morford discusses the insights he gains from the annual show and how it helps his company leverage technology to connect companies of any size with government contract opportunities.

CIB Presents: Mechanical Careers

Do you want a job that requires problem-solving, working with your hands and a diversity of work environments? A mechanical career in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning might be your calling. The Construction Industries Board, in partnership with Oklahoma CareerTech, presents testimonials from workers in the field, students training in the trade and industry leaders on the best path to a sustainable career with great wages and virtually limitless demand.

HOSA Camp Ignite 2022

About 75 Oklahoma HOSA students met this summer for the first ever Camp Ignite -- a few days of inspiration, fun, and learning opportunities for future health professionals.

Skills USA State Convention 2022

CareerTech students and instructors met in Tulsa for the SkillsUSA state convention -- a competition showcasing their best efforts in their respective trades and fields of study. This is a sampling of the amazing work and passion displayed on the convention floor.

Lineman Rodeo

Lineman trainees at Northeast Tech in Pryor challenged each other in the areas of skill, competency, and safety at their first lineman rodeo. Program coordinator Jeff Floyd hopes to one day gather CareerTech lineman trainees from across the state to compete.

Aviation and Aerospace

Aerospace companies and organizations are looking for qualified personnel in every sector of the industry, including aircraft maintenance, unmanned aerial systems and general aviation.

Electrical Careers

The demand for workers across multiple sectors in the construction industry is expected to grow in Oklahoma through 2026, with 850 projected job openings annually for electricians.

OkPTAC Success Stories

Tim Frisby and Brandon Garcia tell us about how OkPTAC helped their aerospace manufacturing business reach the sky with more opportunities in federal contracting.

Skills Centers

CareerTech's Skills Centers system helps inmates transition back to their communities by teaching them the trade and technical skills they need to obtain employment upon release. The Skills Centers program was launched in 1971, when Oklahoma Sen. Jim E. Hamilton authored legislation to establish training for inmates through CareerTech and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

HVAC Technicians

Oklahoma will need 430 additional HVAC workers this year. HVAC technicians install, maintain and repair ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems that control temperature and air quality. Today's technicians can earn an average of $47,670 a year.

Last Modified on Dec 06, 2023