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Oklahoma Career Clusters

Career Clusters link what students learn in school with the knowledge and skills they need for success in college and careers. The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education provides leadership, resources and technical assistance to schools across Oklahoma implementing clusters. We have developed the instructional framework based on the following seventeen career clusters.

17 Career Clusters

For Career Major Requests

Career Cluster Resources

Career Clusters provide a way for schools to organize instruction and student experiences around 17 broad categories that encompass virtually all occupations from entry through professional levels. Included here are customized School District Career Cluster Plans of Study, activities, assessments, and other materials that can be used as resources for working with students using Career Clusters.

Oklahoma Career Clusters at a Glance

Career clusters are comprised of a wide variety of related career majors. Career majors are comprised of a sequence of courses that vary in length. Successful career major completion leads to employment and/or postsecondary enrollment.

Career Clusters Vision:

  • "Embracing the Challenge" - Sharing the Career Clusters Vision: Why, What and How? Download this eight page brochure that answers these questions.
Last Modified on Jul 14, 2023
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