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Welcome to CareerTech Conversations, a podcast series featuring discussions on the many ways Oklahoma CareerTech is breaking down silos in education and giving students of all ages the skills they need to enter the workforce and make informed career choices. You’ll get answers to common questions, details on CareerTech programs and activities and a look at what’s ahead. Here is the most recent episode, but you can explore previous episodes of CareerTech Conversations on our YouTube channel.

CareerTech Conversations - Robby Branscum, Stillwater FFA

Robby Branscum is part of the award-winning agricultural education team at Stillwater High School, whose Future Farmers of America chapter recently won National Model of Excellence in recognition as the top FFA chapter of more than 9,000 in the nation.

In his conversation with Connie Romans, he expresses how “the FFA way” isn’t merely a catalyst for a career in agriculture, but lays a foundation for success in life.

CareerTech Conversations - Jessica Ventris, Accreditation

We sat down with CareerTech's Director of Academic Affairs, Jessica Ventris, to discuss a tall order -- the ongoing accreditation process for the state's 29 tech centers -- and how that process enhances collaboration and best practices across the entire Oklahoma CareerTech system.

CareerTech Conversations - Jerry Burnett, Skills Centers

We sat down with Jerry Burnett, Skills Centers state superintendent, for a conversation about how CareerTech provides workforce training to incarcerated individuals, effectively giving them a second chance and a better quality of life as skilled tradespeople.

CareerTech Conversations - Letha Bauter, Adult Education and Family Literacy

The CareerTech system offers life-changing assets in the form of adult education. Whether the need is a high school equivalency diploma, literacy classes, or employment preparation, obtaining adult education can positively impact the quality of life of a person and their family. We sat down with CareerTech's Federal Legislation Manager, Letha Bauter, to learn more.

CareerTech Conversations - Max McKnight, Workforce & Economic Development

Max McKnight, manager at CareerTech's Workforce and Economic Development (WED) division, sat down with Connie Romans to discuss his department's role in placing agency assets throughout our state which provide pivotal training to business and industry, remaining connected to local associations such as chambers of commerce, and even allocating funds for volunteer fire department training.

CareerTech Conversations - Justin Siler

We sat down with CareerTech's own Justin Siler for a conversation that covered Oklahoma's notable film industry moments and how technology centers are responding to the recent uptick in our demand for skilled film industry workers.

CareerTech Conversations - Mark Burch

We sat down with Mark Burch, state program manager for Business, Marketing and Information Technology Education (BMITE), which provides leadership and support to more than 430 programs across the state. His division manages Business Professionals of America (BPA) and DECA, which are co-curricular CareerTech student organizations aimed to enhance employability skills and maximize long-term success for students.

CareerTech Conversations - John Day

We sat down with John Day, state programs manager for Trade and Industrial Education, to discuss CareerTech's impact in filling the skills gap in numerous licensed trades.

CareerTech Conversations - Holly Hanan

We sat down with Holly Hanan, state program coordinator for Family and Consumer Sciences, who shared the impact of Oklahoma FCS educators in the lives of students, changing terminology, and inclusivity in the field.

CareerTech Conversations - Brent Haken, State Director

We sat down with Oklahoma CareerTech’s new leader, State Director Brent Haken, to discuss CareerTech's impact on his life, the success of the system and his aspirations for Oklahomans' futures in career and technology education.

CareerTech Conversations - Scott Nemecek

We sat down with Scott Nemecek, state program administrator for FFA and agriculture, who shared Oklahoma students' recent accolades from the national FFA convention. We also learned about the impact of agriculture on Oklahoma's economy and how ag educators are preparing students for success in industry and daily life.

CareerTech Conversations - Tonja Norwood

STEM Program Manager Tonja Norwood sat down with Russell Ray to tell us how CareerTech student programs like TSA (Technology Student Association) foster an interest in STEM careers from an early age. Through these programs and related competitions, the CareerTech system is helping meet the job demand in the varied world of STEM careers.

CareerTech Conversations - Lara Morris

We sat down with Health Careers Education Program Manager Lara Morris to discuss the state of Oklahoma's health care careers. The discussion includes the nursing job market and opportunities for training and advancement within the CareerTech System.

CareerTech Conversations - Carter Merkle

We sat down with Carter Merkle, program manager at OkPTAC to learn how this facet of CareerTech helps our state's businesses bid for government contracts with one-on-one coaching, an annual conference and more.

CareerTech Conversations - Dr. Lee Denney

Interim State Director Dr. Lee Denney sat down with Russell Ray to tell us about her unique role at the agency and the state of the CareerTech System.

Last Modified on Feb 08, 2024
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