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Teachers As Advisors and Instructors As Mentors

Teachers As Advisors  &  Instructors As MentorsTeachers as Advisors


  • Students Will Take the Right Courses When Principals Lead
    Written from the principal’s viewpoint, this guide describes how to schedule and plan a teacher adviser system. It outlines the responsibilities of the teacher adviser and how to ensure that students take the right courses to prepare them for the critical transitions from middle grades to high school and onward to post-secondary studies and careers.
  • Georgia Teachers as Advisors Program (TAP)
    Strongly linked to the National Career Development Guidelines, the Georgia Teachers-As-Advisors Framework serves as a structure for developing, implementing, and evaluating both district and school-level programs. Teachers as Advisors materials include Framework, presentations, lesson plans and video links.
  • Information Sheet
    Teachers as Advisors information sheet: This one page gives a brief overview of the Teachers as Advisors program.
  • Teachers as Advisors PowerPoint:
    Basic information about what a Teachers as Advisors program is and how to get one started
Last Modified on Oct 25, 2021
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