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Other SREB Services in Oklahoma

SREB has partnered with the state on additional initiatives to support student success. For additional information, click on the links below.

Connecting Classrooms Careers And College

A New Mission For The Middle Grades

Advanced Career Pathways

High schools or technology centers adopting any of SREB’s nine Advanced Career pathway programs can offer them in stand-alone or wall-to-wall career academy settings.

Professional development, coaching and technical assistance help schools build schedules that support student cohorts and interdisciplinary teacher planning. Students have time to explore careers and complete exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) projects with employer mentors. A dedicated help desk answers teachers’ questions about AC technology tools and supports school leaders with all aspects of career academy implementation.

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Literacy Strategies

The Literacy Design Collaborative instructional tools and strategies enable teachers in all disciplines, grades three through 12, to increase students’ literacy achievement and content knowledge.

Supported by ongoing coaching and professional development, teachers create assignments that engage students in reading diverse grade-level texts and expressing their understanding of those texts in oral and written form.

Mathematics Strategies

Math teachers who adopt the Mathematics Design Collaborative’s balanced approach to math instruction enhance their students’ procedural fluency and ability to apply math knowledge and reasoning skills to solve problems.

Expert coaching shows teachers how to use formative assessment lessons to correct misunderstandings and engage students in a productive struggle.

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning captures students’ interests and helps them connect their academic learning with their career and college goals.

SREB’s project-based learning coaches work with teams of academic and career pathway teachers in schools and technology centers to develop projects that encourage students to think critically and apply academic, technical and workplace know-how to solve problems.

What Makes SREB’s PBL Approach Work

  • Authentic projects are grounded in the kinds of workplace problems that real professionals face
  • Community partners with real-world expertise mentor students and review their projects
  • Interdisciplinary teacher teams collaborate across disciplines to co-plan instruction
  • Standards-driven projects help students meet key benchmarks of college and career readiness
  • Formative and summative assessments provide actionable data on skill attainment
  • Sustainability plans support teachers in scaling up PBL school wide
  • Gold standard principles from the Buck Institute for Education and HSTW provide a foundation for all projects

For additional information, contact Ivy Alford at

Counseling for Careers and College

When careers are a focus of school counseling, students connect education with achieving their goals.

Workshops, materials and coaching from SREB’s Counseling for Careers and College program show counselors and teachers how to create curricula and experiences that awaken students to their aptitudes and interests. They also promote collaboration with students and parents to develop personalized plans of study.

For additional information, review the HSTW Newsletter showcasing C4CC efforts at

Literacy and Math Readiness Courses

SREB’s Readiness Courses help struggling students master foundational literacy and mathematics skills as they make critical transitions from the middle grades to high school and from high school to postsecondary studies.

In Ready for High School Literacy, eighth- or ninth-graders acquire strategies for reading and writing about complex texts.

Eighth- or ninth-graders in Ready for High School Math learn why to use certain math formulas to solve problems.

In Literacy Ready, seniors develop and defend ideas from varied texts and write about those ideas at a college level.

Math Ready develops critical-thinking skills and engages seniors in applying math to real-world problems.

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Technical Assistance

Expert staff in SREB’s School Improvement division work with states, districts and schools to provide many forms of hands-on technical assistance — including evaluating the quality of academic instruction and career pathways, designing school improvement strategies, delivering teacher preparation programs and advising on policy.

pDesigned around the principles and practices that govern the HSTW approach to comprehensive school improvement, SREB’s curricular audits and Site Development Workshops help schools increase the percentage of young people who graduate ready for college and careers.p

- Curriculum and instruction audits look at the whole school and determine whether curriculum, instruction and assignments contribute to college and career readiness.

- Career pathway audits assess how pathway programs align with college-ready academics, postsecondary programs and good jobs.

- Site Development Workshops show principals, teachers and counselors how to use data to design school improvement plans.

Contact Ivy Alford ( for additional information.

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Last Modified on Mar 31, 2022
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