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Professional Development Training

Elevate your educational endeavors and propel your team toward success with our specially curated Professional Development Training, exclusively crafted and conducted by our experienced LPD staff.

Enjoy the opportunity to enhance skills and knowledge without the burden of high costs, as our training is offered at little to no expense for Oklahoma CareerTech and its partners.

Whether you're a seasoned educator or a newcomer in the field, our tailored programs are designed to empower individuals and organizations alike. Contact our team today at the numbers below to schedule or to discuss how our training can be a catalyst for academic and professional triumph.

Customized Professional Development


  • Mental Health
  • Teambuilding & Culture
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams/SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Google Suite
  • Student Leadership Development (CTSO Integration, Contest Prep, Officer Training)


  • Integrating Technology
  • Soft Skills
  • Instructional Strategies for Engagement
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Classroom Culture
  • Brain-Based Strategies to Support Student Learning
  • Formative Assessments & Rubrics
  • Reflection Strategies
  • Effective Feedback for Students
  • Classroom Management
  • Asking Questions for Foster Learning
  • Mental Health (Suicide Awareness, Training & Learning)


  • AI


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Last Modified on Apr 09, 2024