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Certification and Assessment

Assessment Guides

Need to know what certifications are aligned to a course? Click the STEM Assessment Guide below for the information.   

You don't see a test you want to have on the approved list?  Complete the approval from below and send it to your program specialist in STEM. STEM Contact Information

Show What You Know Website

Career Technology Agreements allow Oklahoma institutions to expand student access to educational opportunities available across the state. Students may be able to obtain college credit for work completed at a Career Technology Center through contractual agreements, prior learning assessments, or course transfer.

Inventory List

Inventory list of cooperative agreements made between Oklahoma Technology Centers and Oklahoma public institutions.

Occupational Licenses and Certifications

This inventory is a list of occupational licenses and certifications that have been approved and can be transferred to Oklahoma public institutions.

Transfer Credit Courses

This inventory is a list of technical courses offered at Oklahoma Technology Centers that have been approved and can be transferred to Oklahoma public institutions. 

Oklahoma State Regents Agreement Website

Oklahoma State Regents for High Education 

How is This Data Used?

Each year CareerTech prepares Fast Facts report to show impact of CareerTech Programs.

Each December 31, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) is required to submit to the Senate and House a report on the impact of Oklahoma's Promise.  We are to provide the following information to OSRHE:

  • Certificate attainment rates of all students enrolled in technology centers compared to the certificate attainment rates of students enrolled in technology centers who received Oklahoma's Promise.
  • This data must include the career areas in which the students are enrolled.
  • The financial impact and enrollment impact of Oklahoma's Promise on technology centers.
  • Data on Oklahoma's Promise participants who attain a certificate from a technology center including:
    • Number of participants who are residents of the state one year after graduation or certificate attainment
    • The industry or career area in which the participant is employed
Last Modified on Aug 14, 2023