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CTE Director FAQ's

STEM teacher certification are based on course OCAS code. Use OCAS Code Approved Certification spreadsheet to look up certification by OCAS code of course. 

If any of the following need to happen or have happened:

  1. Add a new program
  2. Drop a program
  3. Increase a program from halftime to fulltime
  4. Decrease a program from fulltime to halftime
  5. Move funding program to new school
  6. Move funding to another program or school

  • Submit (email or mail) all completed request to the STEM office. Mailing Address:  STEM Division, 1500 West Seventh Avenue, Stillwater, OK  74074 or
  • Copy of Paid Invoices
  • Equipment Reimbursement Request
    • Please list items by names, not numbers, and in the same order as they appear on the original grant request.
  • Paid invoice or receipt only for items purchased, again, in the same order as the original request. Must have the word INVOICE and an Invoice number. 
    • Do not send POs, requisitions, shipping statements, etc.
  • 469 detail expenditure report (OCAS code for the lottery grant money) Must include:
    • Date Paid
    • Warrant Numbers
    • Vendors
    • Amounts
    • Funding Year

  • A PID (Program ID) is a number assigned to a program at a school building. 
  • A teacher is assigned to a program/PID in CTIMS.
  • The PID will remain at the school (middle/high school)
  • The PID will remain with the division it is assigned (STEM, Ag, Health, BITE) 
  • If the teacher leaves the school PID stays with the school/program. 
  • If you  want to moves to another school in the district the PID stays at the school. A different PID will need to be create. (submit a form 2)

Information about teacher certification can be found at the link below:

Last Modified on Sep 26, 2023
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