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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be certified if I only teach adults? CareerTech does not require certification if you only teach adults. However, your technology center may require certification. If you choose to seek certification, then it is recommended that you complete the provisional process without any lapse (letting your provisional expire).  There is no guarantee that another provisional certificate can be issued once a lapse has occurred.

The deadline to submit my transcripts for provisional renewal is June 30. I’m taking a summer class and will not have my transcript until August. What do I need to do? It is possible that you will start the school year in August without certification. This could mean that you wouldn’t get paid at the certified teacher rate. Please keep in mind that obtaining a transcript for a completed class may not be available immediately. For this reason, putting off enrollment in courses required for renewal is not recommended. 

Do I need provisional certification if I have applied to the Alternative Placement Program?  If you are currently teaching and OSDE has not yet issued the “Initial Alternative Certificate,” then provisional certification would be needed.

How do I get a standard certification in Health Occupations?  See Adding a CareerTech Area of Certification.

What certification is required to teach Anatomy and Physiology? A 6050 Biological Sciences certification is required to teach A&P.

How do I renew my provisional certification? Please contact CareerTech Teacher Certification about your specific requirements to renew a provisional certificate. or 405-743-5482.

Renewal of a standard certificate is completed online at

Last Modified on Feb 14, 2024
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