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Certifications and Testing

BMITE Testing Requirements

All BMITE programs are required to offer approved certification exams to all students for each course being taught. All approved certification options can be found on each course syllabus provided by our division or by reviewing our testing guide.


The CareerTech Testing Center is a FREE service provided by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. CTTC works directly with instructors, industry representatives, and credentialing entities to identify and develop over 100 certification assessments.

Precision Exams by YouScience

With industry-recognized certifications, you give students tangible proof that what they’re learning in the classroom matters. Precision Exams by YouScience certifications help students validate their skills and knowledge in CTE and other elective courses, as well as showcase their soft skills with exams like 21st Century Skills and Personal Financial Literacy.

For additional information contact Marisa Littlefield at or (385) 273-0756.


Certiport is a pioneer in providing complete career-oriented certification solutions to academic institutions and IT professionals. Exam offerings include Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, Information Technology Specialist, Adobe Certified Professional, Autodesk Certified User, Intuit, IC3 Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, and many more.

For additional information contact Janette Sayer at or (801) 847-3158.

TOSA Certification

TOSA certifications allow individuals to differentiate themselves from others in the job market. Being TOSA certified proves to prospective or current employers that an individual has the right skills for the job. TOSA certifications can be added to academic courses or training programs.

For additional information contact Debbie Trask at or (360) 684-1671.


Industry certifications, hosted on iCEV, validate students' knowledge and skills, infuse career-readiness into the classroom and jump-start students' careers. Certifications can be easily integrated into an established curriculum or earned through independent study.

For additional information contact Carla Campbell at or (800) 922-9965.

SHL Talent Central

The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education has a statewide agreement with SHL Talent Central that allows educators and students access to over 600 certifications.

For additional information contact Jessica Adams at or

Last Modified on Oct 13, 2022