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Nonconsensual Towing

House Bill 1743 (2011), effective November 1, 2011, transferred certain aspects of nonconsensual towing regulation to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission from the Department of Public Safety. The Commission is now charged with:

  • Establishing, supervising, and enforcing rates
  • Mediating and adjudicating complaints.

Current Rates

On December 6, 2012, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission ordered new maximum rates for nonconsensual towing in Oklahoma. The following links provide detailed information for wrecker services conducting nonconsensual tows in Oklahoma.

Nonconsensual Towing Fuel Surcharge

You can view information on calculating the fuel surcharge on line.


Nonconsensual Wrecker and Towing Services Rules can be found in Subchapter 26 of the Commission’s Motor Carrier Rules (Chapter 30).


The Corporation Commission mediates and adjudicates complaints of rates charged for a nonconsensual tow in Oklahoma. 

Nonconsensual Tow Rate Complaint

Additional Questions and Complaints

For all other questions and complaints relating to wrecker services, please contact Department of Public Safety, Wrecker Services at (405) 425-2312.


Pursuant to 47 O.S. Section 967, the Corporation Commission assesses an amount each year that must be paid by each wrecker operator performing nonconsensual tows. For fiscal year 2024, the assessment amount is $109.50 per licensed vehicle and is due on or before December 31, 2023.

Last Modified on Feb 02, 2024
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