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Telecommunications Annual Report

Pursuant to OAC 165:55-3-22(a), OAC 165:55-23-3(i), OAC 165:56-7-4(a), OAC 165:57-5-23(a) and OAC 165:58-3-22(a), the Annual Report of Operations is due not later April 1st every year.*  

The Telecommunications Annual Report of Operations ("Annual Report") to be used for reporting 2022 operations is available below.

The completed Annual Report should be emailed to the designated email address at:

Please direct any questions you may have about the Annual Report to


The Public Utility Division (“PUD”) Director is proposing revisions to the Oklahoma Telecommunications Annual Report of Operations (“Annual Report”) template for Annual Reports due April 1, 2023, in accordance with OAC 165:55-3-22: 

OAC 165:55-3-22. Records to be provided to the Commission
(a) Annual report of operations.
Each telecommunications service provider and IXC shall provide to the Director of the Public Utility Division an annual report, in a format developed by the Director of the Public Utility Division, no later than April 1 of the year following the reporting year. Proposed revisions to the Annual Report format will be posted to the OCC website at least ninety (90) days prior to their effective date. All carriers will be notified of the posting via e-mail, based on addresses supplied by carriers. Any carrier that objects to the proposed revisions to the Annual Report format may file an Application with the Commission requesting relief from the applicability of the format changes. The filing of an Application will suspend the applicability of the proposed format revisions until an Order is issued by the Commission. Unless an Order revising the Annual Report format is entered at least 90 days prior to the April 1 filing deadline, carriers will not be required to file an Annual Report in the revised format until the following year.

The proposed Annual Report template for reports due April 1, 2023, is available at this Link:  Proposed Annual Report for 2023

The Annual Report template for reports that were due April 1, 2022, is available for reference at this Link:  Annual Report 2022

If you have any questions regarding the proposed updates to the Annual Report, please contact


ShapeREMINDER: PUD Fee Assessment Data Request Responses, due April 1, 2023, shall be provided separately from the Annual Report. Completion and submission of the Annual Report does not fulfill the requirement to respond to the PUD Fee Assessment Data Request. For more information about the PUD Fee Assessment, please visit 


Pursuant to OAC 165:55-3-22(g), it is the responsibility of each company to update their company information, to include an accurate e-mail address, with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. You may send updated information to

 *Companies that are non-compliant with the requirement to file an annual report are in danger of having their Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) revoked in Oklahoma.

Last Modified on Feb 28, 2023