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OUSF Assistance and Training

OUSF Questions?

Help is just a phone call or email away! The OUSF team may be reached at (405) 521-2331 or through email at  

Prefer an Onsite Visit?

OUSF specialists would be happy to come to your location and assist with training and OUSF compliance.  When time allows, we would be happy to schedule a time that works for you. Just contact us at the phone or email listed above.

OUSF Special Services Training (Schools and Libraries)

These sessions are designed to assist school and library technical directors, systems designers, and e-rate personnel in complying with OUSF requirements.  Participants will be trained in the use of OUSF forms and procedural processes.  Feel free to invite other participants in the fund, including any consultants working with your entity. Statewide sessions will be scheduled and posted below.

Participants may bring location specific questions to address with the onsite experts conducting the session.

To request a training session in your area please contact Kim Walker or Kimberly Snyder at (405) 521-2331 or through email at

OUSF Training Modules and Aides

Last Modified on Jul 24, 2023
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