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Oil and Gas Conservation Division Departments

The Corporation Commission received from the Legislature in 1915 the statutory responsibility for regulating the oil and gas exploration and production industries in Oklahoma. The Oil and Gas Conservation Division’s primary regulatory responsibilities are to: 

  • Abate and prevent any pollution that might result from oil and gas exploration and production activities;
  • Prevent the waste of the state’s oil and gas resources; and
  • Protect the correlative rights of all entities entitled to share in the proceeds, which are generated from the production and sale of oil and gas.

This Division’s mission statement further clarifies its focus for staff, stakeholders and the general public:

The mission of the Oil and Gas Conservation Division (OGCD) is to provide compliance, information, investigation, and permitting services to the oil and gas industry, landowners, mineral interests, and the general public so together we can develop the oil and gas resources of the State in a fair and orderly manner, while protecting the environment and ensuring the public’s safety.

To further this mission, the Division is organized in six departments, listed below.

Administrative Dept.

Field Operations

Induced Seismicity and Underground Injection Control

Pollution Abatement

Public Assistance

Technical Services

Last Modified on Mar 15, 2023
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