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Downloadable Oil and Gas Forms

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As of July 1, 2020, operators must use the versions below for all forms 

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Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out forms

Instructions for filling out forms

Get the free program now from Adobe.

You must use the most current version of this software to fill out our forms.

Click the link for the form you need.

The form will open within the browser window.

Click the link to the right for "Open in Acrobat", as shown below.

Your computer should open the Acrobat Reader program.

Make sure you fill in all fields accurately.

Inaccurate or incomplete submissions slow down the application process. 

The form is fully functional using the downloaded file in the Acrobat Reader program.

Using a web browser to fill out the forms is not recommended.

Save the document on your computer where you can access it easily. 

Print the form if you need a physical copy.

The email address and the mailing address are listed on each form.

Use electronic filing by filling out E-Forms on the EWfile system.

Filing paper forms increases processing time, even when those forms are filled out on the computer and emailed.

Paper filing also prevents front-line workers from performing other duties.

Forms 3000-6000, Other forms

Application for Investigation and/or Abatement of Seeping Natural Gas 3000NGS.PDF
Spill Discharge Report Form Spill Discharge Incident Report
Frac Focus Form FDFME.pdf
Frac Notice Form 6000NHF as stated in
OAC 165:10-3-10(b)(2), "Notice shall be sent to the Conservation Division electronically using Form 6000NHF as provided on the Commission's website at least 48 hours prior to commencement of hydraulic fracturing operations on a well.", the submission of this form must be as a macro-enabled Excel format (.xlsm) file, the same as is provided for download. 
Frac Notice to Offset Operators - Form 6000NOO Note: These forms are not handled by OCC Staff. They are only operator to operator. 6000NOO.PDF
Well Completions Protocol (Expires 3-31-2018) Protocol-1
Well Completions Protocol (Effective 4-1-2018) Protocol-2
Current Well Completions AOI Shape File SHAPEFILE
Hydraulic Fracturing Impact Report 4000WIP.xls
Hydraulic Fracturing Impact Report Instructions Instructions for Impact Well Form
Information on Base of Treatable Water BTW Info
Notice of Temporary Lines (only available electronically) Form 5000 NTL 5000 NTL
Last Modified on Apr 26, 2023
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