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PST Portal

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The PST Portal is a combination of several web applications that focus on the specific needs within our community. 

Facility Portal

The Facility portal is intended for tank owners, operators, PST Licensees, Certified Testers, and Technicians. It provides online access and submittal of PST compliance forms including tank registration forms and scheduling forms.Tank owners and operators can also use the Facility portal to access information regarding their facilities, tanks, and operator training information.

Public Imaging

This portal is intended for any person to query and download PST related documents and correspondence. Lists of registered petroleum storage tanks and reported releases are also available in the Public Imaging section of the portal. 

Operator Training

This portal is for owners and operators of Underground Storage Tank (UST) Systems to become more knowledgeable of the requirements to operate underground storage tanks and their responsibility in protecting human health, safety, and the environment.

Corrective Action

This portal is for Licensed Environmental Consultants as defined in Section 165:29-3-90 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code. Licensed Environmental Consultants will submit work requests, purchase orders, technical reports and claims for PSTD release cases on behalf of tank owners.


This portal is for current PST Licensees and new Licensee applicants. The Licensee portal will allow for online license renewal, online CEU submittal and CEU course approval, as well as online licensing applications for new PST Licensee applicants. 

Environmental Company

This portal is for Environmental Companies that work with PST to use in administering personnel and financial transactions.

Last Modified on Apr 09, 2024
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