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Induced Seismicity & UIC Departments

The mission of the ISD/UIC Departments is: 

  • To mitigate the risk of induced seismicity in Oklahoma related to Oil and Gas activity
  • Ensure the utmost stewardship of Oil and Gas data submitted to and maintained by the Corporation Commission
  • Instill public confidence of the duties bestowed upon the Corporation Commission and 
  • Demonstrate fulfillment of the responsibilities that the Corporation Commission has been given

Induced Seismicity and Underground Injection Control Department Contacts

Title Phone
ISD Manager, Seismicity, Earthquakes (405) 521-2331
Regulatory Manager, Seismicity, GIS (405) 521-2331
Special Projects Manager, Seismicity, Technology Improvements (405) 521-2331
Technician ISD (405) 521-2331
Manager, UIC, Salt Water Disposal Permitting (405) 521-2331
UIC Compliance/MITs/1072/1073I (405) 521-2331
UIC Area of Review, Case Review Engineers (405) 521-2331
Last Modified on Mar 27, 2024