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Otha Grimes

The late Otha H. Grimes achieved legendary status among his contemporaries in the polled Hereford business and beef cattle industry. The Ohio native owned Ogeechee Farms in Fairland and was considered a pioneer in the performance testing movement that has become the standard management practice for today's beef cattle producers.

Actively involved in a broad spectrum of agriculture and civic programs, Grimes served as a member of the board of directors of the Oklahoma CareerTech Foundation for a number of years. He was a staunch supporter of education and provided scholarships to many educational institutions, including the CareerTech Foundation.

As an independent oil and gas producer for more than 60 years, Grimes owned and operated 12 gas processing plants in Oklahoma, Michigan, Texas and New Mexico.

Mr. Grimes was inducted to the CareerTech Hall of Fame in 1990.

Last Modified on Jan 24, 2024
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