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Vision, Mission and Goals

Strategic Planning is a key function of a team that helps to set priorities, allocate resources, and ensure everyone is working towards common goals and objects. STEM's mission, vision and goals below align to the goals of our agency.


Investing in Oklahomans to create quality, innovative and dynamic STEM opportunities.


Empowering stakeholders by providing resources to impact the workforce and achieve lifelong success.


  • Educational Attainment - Provide STEM educators with skills to offer rigorous and relevant content that engages a diverse student population.
  • Career Awareness - Equip students with tools and opportunities to explore STEM careers.
  • Business & Educational Partnership - Facilitate collaboration between educators and industry to make connections between content learned in the classroom and how it relates to STEM careers.
  • Customer Service - Administer high quality customer support for our stakeholders.
Last Modified on Aug 14, 2023