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Direct Your Future™ - Career Exploration Curriculum

Welcome to Direct Your Future™, a career exploration program for middle school and high school students. Students are asked to think of their lives as a journey. Through a series of modules, students are challenged to focus on themselves and the world of work, and to learn how to map out a future career path. Nine of the 11 modules are appropriate for use with both middle school and high school students – in some cases, there are different activities for these two age groups, and these are marked clearly within the text. Two modules – Module 2 and Module 11 – may be eliminated for middle school students. All modules include experiential activities to help students understand the career planning process. Handouts with additional information are also included.

Module 1: Scanning the World of Possibilities

Module 2: Mapping the Future

Module 3: Determining Your Direction

Module 4: Embarking on a Voyage of Self-Discovery

Module 5: Exploring the Destinations

Module 6: Finding Your Personal Compass Points

Module 7: Using Guideposts to Direct Your Journey

Module 8: Refining the Destinations

Module 9: Charting Your Course

Module 10: Writing Your Personal Logbook

Module 11: Planning for Getting a Job

Last Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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