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Direct Your Future™ - Career Exploration Curriculum

Welcome to Direct Your Future™, a career exploration program for middle school and high school students. Students are asked to think of their lives as a journey. Through a series of modules, students are challenged to focus on themselves and the world of work, and to learn how to map out a future career path. Nine of the 11 modules are appropriate for use with both middle school and high school students – in some cases, there are different activities for these two age groups, and these are marked clearly within the text. Two modules, Module 2 and Module 11, may be eliminated for middle school students. All modules include experiential activities to help students understand the career planning process. Handouts with additional information are also included.


Module 1: Scanning the World of Possibilities

Module 2: Mapping the Future

Module 3: Determining Your Direction

Module 4: Embarking on a Voyage of Self-Discovery

Module 5: Exploring the Destinations

Module 6: Finding Your Personal Compass Points

Module 7: Using Guideposts to Direct Your Journey

Module 8: Refining the Destinations

Module 9: Charting Your Course

Module 10: Writing Your Personal Logbook

Module 11: Planning for Getting a Job

Last Modified on May 22, 2023
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