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Astellas Pharma Technologies, Inc. - Norman

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

"In a way, WorkKeys assists in turning the art of hiring the right candidate into more of a science. As a science-based company, that is very important to us." - Pam Maguire, Sr. Human Resources Manager

Fairness in hiring practices

One of the benefits to using the ACT WorkKeys System is that it is a process that holds up to legal challenges regarding fairness in hiring and promoting. It is dynamic and can be used to develop employee positions, to qualify candidates for a position and to qualify potential hires, which in turn can decrease employee turnover.

The WorkKeys partnership with Astellas provides a validated testing standard for our open manufacturing positions.
We invested time working with an ACT Authorized Job Profiler who job-shadowed and spent time really understanding the skills sets needed to be a successful employee.

We wanted to design a program that was validated and fair. Although there are several internal components to it all, WorkKeys plays a vital role in validating employee movement from one level to the next.

From the ethical point of view, we are making important hiring decisions based on actual validated skills. We are not an employer that simply announces our commitment to ethical business practices and for hiring practices, we actually work to put systems and processes in place like the WorkKeys system to ensure we are meeting those standards.

Employees invest in themselves

The sense of accomplishment the candidate feels when they pass the assessment is very rewarding to see. As an HR professional, it is very exciting to see someone connect the value of learning and investing in themselves with the ability to obtain a really good job.

Last Modified on Feb 13, 2023
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