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Transportation, Distribution and Logistics - Vinita

Category Description
Course Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Location Northeast Oklahoma Corrections – Vinita, Oklahoma
Average Training Time 720 hours (6 - 8 months)
Special Restrictions Must be demonstrating a desire to work in a related field and pass a math pre-screen test.
Course Description The Transportation, Distribution and Logistics programs prepare female students for employment in warehouse or distribution environments by teaching them industry specific competencies. Students get a lab-based, hands-on experience with industry specific equipment, including computer applications emphasizing inventory and database management. Students will leave with experience using WASP inventory control systems software and hardware.
Certifications Brainbench: Microsoft Computer Fundamentals
ACT WorkKeys Career Readiness Certification
Contact Information Vinita Skills Center
Attn: Vacant, Instructor
442586 E 250 Rd
Vinita, OK 74301
918.256.3392 Ext. 260
Last Modified on Apr 19, 2024