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Pet Services - Mustang

Category Description
Course Pet Services
Location Mustang Juvenile Center - Mustang, Oklahoma
Average Training Time 600 hours
Special Restrictions Student must be able to lift 30lbs. Students cannot have an allergy to animal dander or hair. Students need to have no fear of dogs and be able to work with live animals on site as well as off site.
Course Description Students will be introduced to companion animal care and the grooming field. Topics include tool and equipment safety, salon safety, proper grooming techniques, animal handling, animal care, nutrition, and K9 first aid and CPR.
Certifications ODCTE Competency Certifications in Introduction to Grooming Fundamentals, bather/brusher grooming, K9 First Aid and CPR
Contact Information Mustang Skills Center
Attn: Amanda Purcell, Instructor
1150 E State Hwy 152
Mustang, OK 73064

Last Modified on Dec 14, 2023