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NOTE: A moratorium began Aug. 26, 2022, for new dispensary, grower and processor licenses. HB 3208 (2022), passed by the Oklahoma Legislature and signed by the Governor, put the moratorium in place. HB 2095 (2023), also passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, extended the moratorium end date to Aug. 1, 2026, unless OMMA's Executive Director determines all pending licensing reviews, inspections or investigations are complete. The moratorium does not affect current licensees, who can apply for renewal.

OMMA processes patient license applications within 14 business days, and commercial license applications within 90 business days.

Our new licensing portal launched in January 2022.

If this is your first time applying for an OMMA license, we recommend starting on our webpage for Patient Licenses or Business Licenses.
You’ll find helpful information and a link to create an account for the new licensing portal.

If you are renewing a license, it’s important to correctly log in to the new portal for the first time to ensure your new online account is linked to your license. If you have not yet set it up, go to our Licensing Portal page for information on how to do it. Contact us if you have questions. If your name changed since you got your current license, you must also change your name in the licensing portal before starting your renewal.

If you already set up your new online account, log in to apply. Get forms and more information on our page for Patient Licenses or Business Licenses.

Patients with disabilities: If you need additional assistance to submit a patient application, please send an email to to request a reasonable accommodation representative.

Continue to Licensing Portal

IMPORTANT: If errors occur while using a mobile device, try a desktop or laptop computer for optimal performance.

Application Fees

Patient and Caregiver Licenses

LIcense Type Application Fee Credit Card Processing Fee Total
Patient (adult, minor, out-of-state, short-term) $100 $4.30 $104.30
Medicaid/Soonercare, Medicare or 100% disabled veteran patient $20 $2.50 $22.50
Replacement patient license card $20 $2.50 $22.50
Caregiver No charge No charge No charge

Grower Licenses: Indoor, Greenhouse or Light Deprivation

Tier Canopy Size Application Fee Credit CArd Processing Fee
Tier 1 Up to 10,000 sq. feet $2,500 $58.30 $2,558.30
Tier 2 10,001-20,000 sq. feet $5,000 $114.55 $5,114.55
Tier 3 20,001-40,000 sq. feet $10,000 $227.05 $10,227.05
Tier 4 40,001-60,000 sq. feet $20,000 $452.04 $20,452.04
Tier 5 60,001-80,000 sq. feet $30,000 $677.05 $30,677.05
Tier 6 80,001-99,999 sq. feet $40,000 $902.05 $40,902.05
Tier 7 100,000 sq. feet or more $50,000 + $0.25 per each additional sq. foot 2.25% of (fee + $2) Varies


Grower Licenses: Outdoor

Tier Size Application Fee Credit Card Processing Fee Total
Tier 1 Up to 2.5 acres $2,500 $58.30  $2,558.30
Tier 2 2.5-5 acres $5,000  $114.55 $5,114.55
Tier 3 5-10 acres $10,000 $227.05 $10,227.05
Tier 4 10-20 acres $20,000  $452.04 $20,452.04
Tier 5 20-30 acres $30,000 $677.05 $30,677.05
Tier 6 30-40 acres $40,000  $902.05 $30,677.05
Tier 7 40-50 acres $50,000 $1,127.04  $51,127.04
Tier 8 50 acres or more $50,000 + $250 for each additional acre 2.25% of (fee +$2) Varies


Tier Production Volume Application Fee Credit Card Processing Fee
Tier 1 Up to 10,000 lbs. biomass or up to 100 L of concentrate $2,500 $58.30 $2,558.30 
Tier 2 10,001-50,000 lbs. of biomass or 101-350 L of concentrate $5,000 $114.55 $5,114.55 
Tier 3 50,001-150,000 lbs. of biomass or 351-650 L of concentrate $10,000 $227.05 $10,227.05 
Tier 4 150,001-300,000 lbs. of biomass or 651-1,000 L of concentrate $15,000 $339.55 $15,339.55 
Tier 5 More than 300,001 lbs. of biomass or 1,001 L of concentrate $20,000 $452.04 $20,452.04 


Dispensary license application fees are calculated as 10% of the sum of one year of the dispensary’s combined annual state sales tax and state excise (medical marijuana) tax. The state sales tax calculation includes only sales tax payable to the State of Oklahoma, not sales tax to local governments.

The minimum fee is $2,500, and the maximum fee is $10,000.

There is also a credit card processing fee, which is 2.25% of the application fee plus $2 – for example, a $2,500 application fee is calculated as 2.25% of $2,502, for a total credit card processing fee of $58.25.

Other Commercial License Types

License Type Application Fee Credit Card Processing Fee Total
Transporter $2,500 $58.30 $2,558.30 
Transporter Agent $25 $2.61 $27.61
Testing Laboratory $20,000 $452.04 $20,452.04 
Waste Disposal Facility $5,000 $114.55 $5,114.55 
Research or Education $500 $13.30 $513.30 

Application Demo Videos

New Patients

Patient Renewals

One License: Renew a Grower License (Indoor or Outdoor)

Two Licenses: Apply for Your Second Grower License (Indoor or Outdoor)

Renew a Dispensary License

Renew a Processor License

Renew a Testing Laboratory License

New Businesses

Business Renewals

Commercial Application Resources

Last Modified on Jun 30, 2023
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