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Your employer should provide you with this information.

If applying online and you are determined to be eligible, eligibility usually begins the first day of the following month.

Employees should update their information on their application as information changes. If no changes are incurred, then the application will need renewed at least every 11 months.

In addition to your employer’s Insure Oklahoma ID number and your EEN, you will need income, employer and personal information for everyone in your household. See Before You Apply for a list of required information.

Household members include spouse, significant other if you have children together or are common-law, biological children, step-children, and adopted children under the age of 19.

Please see the Income Fact Sheet for a list of income sources. You must report income for all household members.


First, your employer must apply and be approved by Insure Oklahoma. Employees who want to qualify under an approved employer must: be between the ages of 19 and 64; meet Oklahoma and U.S. residency requirements; have an annual gross household income within the income guidelines; not be enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid (SoonerCare); and, contribute up to 15 percent of premium costs for self and up to 15 percent of premium costs for qualified dependents (not to exceed three percent of income).

Your gross household income within the Employer-Sponsored Insurance Income Guidelines. Your gross household income includes money from sources besides your primary job, such as a spouse’s income or veteran’s benefits.

Depending on household income, a child under 19 may qualify under a parent for Insure Oklahoma, or qualify for SoonerCare. Your child may qualify for SoonerCare if your household income is within the SoonerCare income guidelines.

You must be an Oklahoma resident and U.S. citizen. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must have lived in the U.S. for at least five years and have a permanent resident card. Applicants must provide proof of residency and citizenship.

Ask your employer to learn about Insure Oklahoma and whether it may meet the employer qualifications. Your employer must be approved by Insure Oklahoma before you can enroll in Employer-Sponsored Insurance.


Insure Oklahoma will send a letter to you that lists the amount that you, your employer, and Insure Oklahoma will each pay for your premium.

Your employer will deduct your share from your paycheck, combine it with Insure Oklahoma’s share and the employer’s share, and pay the insurance company.

Your health plan carrier will provide information about the plan’s benefits, copays and deductibles. Insure Oklahoma is not an insurance company and only helps to pay for your premium.

Yes. Notify Insure Oklahoma immediately about any changes in employment, income, household members, or personal information.

Log into your Member Portal or call 888-365-3742 in order to update your personal information and/or income.


Families need coverage, too. Insure Oklahoma can help you cover the cost of adding qualified spouses, children and dependent college students to your employer’s health plan. Employees pay up to 15% of premium costs for qualified dependents, and Insure Oklahoma picks up the rest. Depending on household income, a child under 19 may qualify under a parent for Insure Oklahoma, or qualify for SoonerCare. Your child may qualify for SoonerCare if your household income is within the SoonerCare Income Guidelines.

Spouses may qualify if they are ages 19-64, not enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare, meet citizenship requirements, and:

  • Are not employed; or
  • Work full time for an employer that would qualify but is not participating; or
  • Work less than 24 hours per week for any size employer.

Depending on your household income, children under the age of 19 may qualify for either Insure Oklahoma or SoonerCare. Children also may receive additional benefits, such as dental.

College students ages 19-22 may qualify for a parent’s Employer-Sponsored Insurance plan. They must:

  • Attend an accredited Oklahoma college or university.
  • Be enrolled full-time.
  • Submit a current copy of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to prove dependent status.
  • Submit current class schedule from a Oklahoma college or university showing full-time enrollment.
Last Modified on May 15, 2023
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