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Additional Important Statutes

Statutes affecting OHCA and its operations*


HOPE Act, Title 56 O.S. 246-250

Oklahoma Medicaid Program Integrity Act, 56 O.S. 1001-1008

Oklahoma Medicaid Program Reform Act of 2003, 56 O.S. 1010.1-1010.13

Oklahoma Medicaid Program Reform Act of 2006, 56 O.S. 1011.1-1011.15

Commitment to Care for People with Complex Physical Disabilities Act, 56 O.S. 1012.1-1012.4

Consumer Protection for Wheeled Mobility Act, 56, O.S. 1015.1-1016

Oklahoma Choices for Long-Term Care Act, 56, O.S. 1017.1-1018

Community-Based Program of Services, 56, O.S. 1020-1025.4

Receivership of Residential Facilities for People with Intellectual Disabilities, 56, O.S. 1030.1-1030.4

Fees – Oklahoma Health Care Authority, 56 O.S. 2001-2005

Ensuring Access to Medicaid Act, 56 O.S. 4002.1-4004

Oklahoma Discretionary and Special Needs Trust Act, 60, O.S. 175.81-175.92

Long-Term Care Partnership Act, 63 O.S. 1-955.1-1-1955.6

Managed Care Referral, 63 O.S. 2550.1-2550.4

Nondiscrimination in Health Care Coverage Act, 63 O.S. 2560-2565

Supplemental Hospital Offset Payment Program, 63 O.S. 3241.1-3242

Health Care Services, 63 O.S, 5000.24-5061.2

Step Therapy Protocol, 63 O.S. 7310

Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act, 74 O.S. 85.1-85.44E

Oklahoma Ethics Commission Rules, Title 74, Appendix I, Rules 1.1-6.19


Age Discrimination Act of 1975

Civil Liberties Act of 1988

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Education Amendments of 1972, Title IX

Immigration and Reform Act of 1936

Public Health Service Act, Section 3009

Social Security Act, Titles XIX and XXI

Rehabilitation Act of 1973

*This list is not intended to identify every legal source that could reference or affect Medicaid, but as a guide to primary state and federal laws that are core to the mission and operations of the Medicaid State Agency.

Statutes the public may find useful in interacting with OHCA

Oklahoma Open Meetings Act, Title 25, Sections 301, et seq. of the Oklahoma Statutes

Oklahoma Open Records Act, Title 50, Sections 24A.1, et seq. of the Oklahoma Statutes

Last Modified on Jul 22, 2022
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