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2010 Archived News Releases

Below are headlines for news releases issued that year. All releases are combined into a single PDF file.

  • Oklahoma Corporation Commission moves to keep phones ringing in the 918 area code with no change in existing numbers 01-04-10
  • First Furlough Closure of Corporation Commission Offices Tomorrow 02-11-10
  • Woodward Town Hall Meeting 02-08-10
  • Commissioner Murphy Chosen For Bush Institute Conference on Natural Gas 03-22-10
  • Town Hall Meeting on Horizontal Drilling 03-15-10
  • Ensuring a Clear Connection on Telephone Issues 03-11-10
  • Statement by Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Dana L. Murphy 03-10-10
  • Town Hall Meeting on Horizontal Drilling Scheduled for Canadian County Area 04-14-10
  • Third Furlough Day to Shut Down OCC Offices 04-07-10
  • Fifth Furlough Closure of Corporation Commission Offices Scheduled for Friday 05-12-10
  • Anthony Tapped to Tackle Controversial Proposed Standards that Pose Trouble for American Ratepayers 05-10-10
  • Commissioners Anthony and Murphy Ask to Donate Pay 05-04-10
  • Commissioners Donate More Pay 06-28-10
  • Oklahoma moves to take its place on the worlds energy stage 06-16-10 
  • Commissioner Murphy to meet with Bartlesville-area residents 06-15-10
  • Anthony Educates Regulators on Need for State Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing 07-20-2010
  • New Tool for Oil and Gas Producers 07-19-10
  • Commissioners approve smart meter program 07-01-10
  • News Conference 11-18-2010
  • Commissioner Dana Murphy Sets Priorities as Chairman 12-31-2010
  • Commissioners Approve Cost Cuts for LeAnn, Fort Cobb Gas Customers 12-30-2010
  • Media Advisory - Corporation Commission Approves Chairman Change 12-20-2010
  • A Move to Protect the Consumer 12-15-2010
  • EPA Actions May Threaten Oklahoma 12-12-2010
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