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Healthcare Professionals

This page provides resources for healthcare personnel who provide immunization services. To find out more about the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program, click below to learn more:

Emergency Protocols for CPR: Clinical staff should receive annual or biannual CPR certification. 

Emergency Protocols for Anaphylaxis: Clinics should have a protocol in place for emergencies.

Vaccination Records

Provider Records: 

Every person who administers vaccines should screen every patient for contraindications and precautions before giving vaccines. Effective screening is key to preventing serious adverse events and is not difficult or complicated. Screening can be accomplished with just a few questions (See the screening forms which follow). 

The "Contraindications and Precautions" section in the General Recommendations (CDC web site), pages 40 through 43, describes valid and invalid contraindications and precautions.

More specific information on contraindications and precautions is available in vaccine-specific ACIP recommendations.

The Oklahoma State Immunization Service thanks the Immunization Action Coalition for their continued services in keeping vaccine information valid and updated.

Immunization Training - Continuing education available (CME, CNE, CEU, CECH for Health Educators)

Free Web-based Immunization Training and Continuing Education:

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