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Quality Improvement Initiative Through Practice Facilitation

Practice facilitation is one way we can have an impact on the quality of care members receive.  

Through the SoonerCare Health Management Program, a full-time medical professional specially trained in practice facilitation (typically an RN, BSN or MPH) is deployed to participating practices to assist practice staff with the implementation of quality improvement techniques. The practice facilitator provides training in office system redesign to improve efficiency and equip practices with the tools needed to provide quality care for patients with chronic disease. 

By hosting a practice facilitator, practices receive a free clinical disease registry for tracking patient with chronic disease. This allows providers to measure performance standards for both individual patients and the overall practice. 

Improving the health of all Oklahomans has long been a goal of SoonerCare providers. Good progress has been made, but we continue to rank among the highest in the nation’s diabetes and cardiac-related deaths.  

OHCA is delighted to be partnering with Telligen in the SoonerCare HMP. Telligen is the largest quality improvement organization in the United States. With their knowledge and expertise, we believe we can make a real difference in the health of all Oklahomans. 

If you have any questions regarding practice facilitation, please refer to our HMP FAQs. 


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