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Health Care Information

The Oklahoma Health Care Information System is responsible for the development and operation of a method for collecting, processing and disseminating health care data including, but not limited to, quality, expenditure and utilization data. As specified in the Oklahoma Health Care Information System Act, a uniform set of data will be periodically and routinely compiled that makes possible the ongoing analysis, comparison and evaluation of trends in the quality and delivery of health care services in Oklahoma for the purpose of effective health care planning by public and private entities and cost containment.

Healthcare Information at your fingertips

We dedicate our diverse expertise to collect, analyze and disseminate reliable and timely health care information in order to assess health care service utilization and costs, as well as the overall health status of all Oklahomans.
  • We believe all Oklahomans should have access to reliable and timely health care information in a variety of formats to promote informed decisions.
  • We believe an involved and informed public can be an important factor in helping to reduce costs and improve health care quality. We pledge our assistance to Oklahomans seeking to increase their understanding of the health care system and their part in it.
  • We support the medical community in its mission to ensure all Oklahomans receive quality care.
  • We commit ourselves to the elimination of bias in data reporting and to the timeliness and accuracy of health care information.
  • We commit ourselves to creating mutually beneficial partnerships with the medical, educational, governmental, business and municipal communities on whom we must depend to deliver health care information to all Oklahomans.
  • We work to create and disseminate health care information, to promote informed health care decisions by Oklahoma consumers and purchasers, and to enhance the quality of health care delivery.

Contact Information

Center for Health Statistics
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S. Kerr Ave., Ste 1702
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6406
(405) 426-8030
Fax: (405) 900-7604

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