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Health Finance

Oklahoma State Innovation Model (OSIM)
Health Finance Workgroup

Workgroup Goal: Work with the actuarial contractor to integrate a new value based payment model based on pay-for-success and perform actuarial analysis of OSIM interventions and evaluations.

Public Meetings

All OSIM Health Finance Meetings are open to the public and anyone can attend.

Please view the Upcoming Meetings below to see the times and locations for all meetings.

Health Finance Workgroup Chair

Julie Cox-Kain
Senior Deputy Commissioner of Health
Deputy Secretary for Health & Human Services
Oklahoma State Health Department  

Upcoming Meetings

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Previous Meetings

Workgroup Deliverables

Health Finance Workgroup Deliverables Actuarial Analysis

Analysis of Care Delivery Models in Oklahoma

Objectives: Identify existing delivery models in Oklahoma and new delivery models adopted in other states.

Market Effects on Health Care Transformation

Objectives: Assess market effects on health care transformation for the Federal Exchanges, Medicaid, EGID, Medicare, and private insurance groups. 

High-Cost Delivery Services:

Objective: Create a roadmap for Oklahoma to develop a VBA tool that supports health care and payment reform initiatives, addresses the need for transparency in health care costs, and supports health care consumers and purchasers by highlighting key considerations and potential solutions based on previous experience in early-adopting VBA states.

Financial Forecast of New Delivery Models:

Objectives: Forecast costs for various payment models and high-cost services and discuss implications and challenges of different economies of scale across Oklahoma.


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Objectives: Please click the link above to provide any comments on the deliverables and reports for the workgroup. All workgroups are seeking feedback to improve the contents of the reports and include the perspectives of diverse stakeholders.

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