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Call the helpline at 800-987-7767, option 5, and talk to choice counselors to change your SoonerSelect health plan!

Application and Eligibility

Application Process

Individuals who are Oklahoma residents and US citizens or legal aliens, and meet the income standard of 133 percent of the federal poverty level may apply for eligibility in SoonerPlan. If they are not otherwise enrolled in a SoonerCare program, they may be certified for a 12 month period of family planning.

Providers may direct individuals to apply online at, or download SoonerPlan applications through our publication order page on our website.

Eligibility Verification

It is important to verify eligibility before rendering services, as the benefits for this program are limited to family planning services only. Services billed outside the listed diagnoses and procedures are not payable under this program. Members may be billed for services not covered by SoonerPlan. Fertility services and treatments are specifically excluded from coverage.

Eligibility may be verified through the EVS system, Provider Secure Site or via swipe machine. Information on your eligibility requests will indicate if a member is eligible for family planning services only. 

Last Modified on Mar 12, 2021
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