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Call the helpline at 800-987-7767, option 5, and talk to choice counselors to change your SoonerSelect health plan!

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Provider Secure Site PIN Reset

The SoonerCare Provider Portal Access form is utilized to assist Providers and Portal Administrators when needing a User ID, Temporary Password, Challenge Question Reset, or PIN Letter. This form must be emailed to (fax option is no longer available). Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for processing.

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  • Care Coordination Referral Form: CLICK HERE
  • To refer for Care Coordination, call Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.: 1-877-252-6002 or 405-522-7650
  • For Dental Referral Information: 405-522-7401
  • For Behavioral Health Referral Information: 1-800-652-2010

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Last Modified on Jan 09, 2024