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Psychological Evaluations and Level of Care Evaluations for TEFRA (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982) Eligibility (APA WF # 23-20)

Policy revisions will add additional provider types to conduct psychological evaluations for TEFRA applicants, shortening wait times for the required psychological evaluation needed for TEFRA approval.  Additional provider types to be added to policy are a certified psychometrist, psychological technician of a psychologist, and a licensed behavioral health professional.  Additionally, policy will be revised to reflect a new business process of conducting level of care reevaluations biennially rather than annually.  Annual level of care evaluations will still be required to determine if an applicant meets the nursing facility or acute hospital level of care.

Please view the circulation document here: APA WF # 23-20 and submit feedback via the comment box

Circulation Date: 8/25/23

Tribal Consultation: 9/5/23

Comment Due Date: 9/25/23

Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) Meeting: 11/2/23

Board Meeting: 12/7/23

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