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Retrospective DUR

The Oklahoma Medicaid Drug Utilization Review (DUR) program has been conducting monthly, patient specific criteria-based retrospective DUR since 1993.

The DUR program has now initiated periodic evaluations intended to focus on a specific drug therapy related problem. The evaluation results are provided to physicians and pharmacists to fill the void that can result when patients are unable to give a complete medication history or when they obtain services from multiple practitioners. Realizing that clinical information on recently discovered drug therapy related problems is available from many sources, it is our goal to provide this information and to identify the patients that may be at risk. The DUR program's centralized pharmacy and medical claims database will find specific Medicaid recipients under your care who may have an increased risk of experiencing a specific drug therapy related problem.

These periodic evaluations are shared with practitioners as an additional source of information to help them provide the best medical care possible for Oklahoma Medicaid recipients. Each evaluation will focus on a particular issue that may relate to:

  • A new prescribing alert from a pharmaceutical manufacturer or the Federal Drug Administration, or the withdrawal of a drug from the market
  • The apparent absence of a necessary drug for a certain disease state
  • The possible misuse of controlled substances from multiple providers
  • A specific drug-drug or disease interaction, or therapeutic duplication, over-utilization or under-utilization problem
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