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Oklahoma Trauma Education Program

Emergency Systems is pleased to share the Oklahoma Trauma Education Program (OTEP) training modules and new Oklahoma Trauma Triage DVD on the OSDH Website.  The OTEP program is the result of a collaborative effort between OSDH Emergency Systems and the Oklahoma Institute of Disaster and Emergency Medicine.   

The program is designed to teach hospital personnel and EMS workers the correct procedures for triaging and transferring patients, which will reduce morbidity and mortality in critically injured patients as well as get injured patients the specialty care they need.  

The rollout of the OTEP modules and DVD began at each region’s annual Regional Trauma Advisory Board (RTAB) meeting in 2011.  At each RTAB, all licensed hospitals and EMS agencies were afforded the opportunity to view the new Oklahoma Trauma Triage DVD and sign for the OTEP modules for their respective facilities and agencies.  Training on the proper use of the modules was also provided at the RTABs.   

In order to make the information more accessible to our stakeholders and the 3.7 million citizens of our great state, the training modules and powerpoint are available on our website.  By thoroughly understanding and employing these resources, you can help realize the goal of Oklahoma’s Trauma System, which is to get the right patient to the right place, receiving the right treatment, in the right amount of time.  

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