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Development and Training

Development is a living concept and will change as needed.  An agency can contact us, and we will conduct a needs assessment with the agency to determine the agency’s development areas.  The needs assessment, coupled with in-depth discussion with the agency, will be used to set up a consultation with the agency’s personnel.  Simply put, we will provide training tailored to the needs of the agency.

EMS Agencies, Certified EMRAs, volunteer agencies, EMS Directors, Medical Directors and other interested organizations, groups or individuals, could often benefit from specialized training that Emergency Systems can provide. 

Placing “resource personnel” into geographic areas to aid agencies:

  1. Assist with EMRA development, training and organization
  2. Assist with EMS director training and meetings for agencies
  3. Assist with REMSS coordination
  4. Assist with regional collaboration efforts on
    1. Organization and funding (522 and Title 19 development, multi-agency collaboration)
    2. County or regionalized agencies
    3. Medical direction
    4. Communications
    5. Consultations on
      1. Protocol development, scope of practice, skills and equipment
      2. Process development ex: CQI, staff education
    6. Facilitate cooperation between EMS and hospitals, EMS to EMS through regional meetings

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