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Plan Review Application

Each new public bathing place venue must be approved prior to construction. It is unlawful for any person or persons to begin construction, alteration, or modification of any public pool without first having received written approve from the Department (O.A.C. 310:315-3-1(a)(5)).

Using the application packet below, the applicant must submit copies of the blueprint plans, appropriate fee as well as the engineer’s report. A separate application and plans must be submitted for each separate venue (pool, wading pool, slide pool, spa, etc.).

Prior to the start of a minor modification, a scope of work must be submitted in writing to the Department outlining the proposed changes (no fee required). The scope of work, at a minimum, must include the make & model of new equipment being installed.

A minor modification is considered to be that of a minor nature and not a sufficient magnitude or scope to involve engineering and preparation and submission of plans. This may include:

  • A change-out of equipment with the same or similar specifications to ensure all flow and turn-over rates are maintained. 
  • Changes or additions to the recirculation system, treatment equipment, physical structure, or accessory changes, that in the opinion of the Department are equivalent in operating characteristics that ARE equivalent in operating characteristics to those previously approved by the Department and installed.
  • Changes made to be in compliance with outlet requirements defined in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Safety Act are also considered minor modifications.

Upon receipt of the scope of work, the Department will review to determine all changes are deemed minor and upon approval will return a written approval response. Upon the date of approval, construction may commence for the approved modifications.

Approved construction permits are good for one (1) year from the date of approval by the Department. If the installation of the pool shell has not commenced by this date, the permit shall expire and the application must be resubmitted with plan copies and fees.

The owner of the property / pool venue may request an extension. The extension request must be submitted in writing either directly to the assigned Department construction inspector or may be sent to Any changes must be included in the request.

The Department may approve a six (6) month extension from the date of the expiration date provided: significant changes have not made in the project plans, local conditions affecting the project have not changed, and as long as submitted changes remain in compliance with the standards. If changes require engineering and preparation of plans, updated copies of the blue print plans must be submitted denoting the changes with clouds.

A deviation from the rules may be allowed if the Department finds that the operation, maintenance, safety, and sanitation of the pool will not be adversely affected by the deviation.

A deviation form is available to ensure all necessary information is collected for the Department to review. A written request may also be sent as long as the request outlines all the information required in the deviation form.

New methods, equipment and/or processes are those that are not currently outlined in Oklahoma Statutes Title 63 § 1-1013 or Oklahoma Administrative Code 310:315 or 310:320.

The policy of the Department is not to discourage or obstruct progress in design regarding new types of equipment or design features. However, any new method, equipment or other new design etc. must be qualified by trial elsewhere to the satisfaction of the Department in meeting.

To propose a new method, equipment, and/or design, use the Department form or ensure all the necessary information is submitted.

During and following a construction project, there are required inspection before the pool may open for operation. Learn more about inspections.

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