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Continuing Education Requirements

A minimum of ten (10) hours of continuing education units is required each year to renew Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter licenses. No more than four (4) online continuing education clock hours may be submitted for the required ten (10) annual hours. Live webinars and telecourses - any continuing education course you could not attend without an internet connection - still count as "online".

Certificates of attendance or proof of completion should be submitted with the Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter renewal form each year.

Continuing education courses which have been approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Health or the International Hearing Society or equivalent organization are eligible for use with the Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter license.

An entity which desires to sponsor education to licensees in compliance with the continuing education requirements outlined in the Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter Regulations shall file an application for approval on the form prescribed by the Department.

These applications shall include:

  • a list of the course instructors and their qualifications
  • an agenda detailing the material to be presented
  • the location of the training
  • the program objectives
  • the number of clock hours of classroom and supervised instruction

After completion of the course, the providing entity shall submit sign-in sheets to the Department for all sessions, which require the following information listed for each attendee:

  • attendee signature
  • attendee's Social Security number or state license number
  • total number of continuing education hours completed by attendee

All programs shall be presented as submitted unless changes have been approved prior to presentation. Changes which occur during the presentation shall be submitted to the Department within ten (10) days of the training session for review by the Department. Failure to obtain approval of changes may result in loss of certification.

Contact Information

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