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Animal Bites

Report a Bite

If a pet or stray (dog/cat/ferret) has bitten a person, it’s important to ensure the animal is not infected with the rabies virus. A complaint may be called into your local county health department, or if your city has an animal control office they would be the primary call. For more information on animal bites, please visit Acute Disease Services.

If the bite is severe or if the animal is not a dog, cat or ferret, it is recommended you contact a physician prior to filing a complaint.

Animal Quarantine

Vaccinations Updated – if a pet has documentation of a current rabies vaccination as provided by a licensed veterinarian, and the bite is not severe, the owner may have the option to quarantine or isolate the pet at home for ten (10) days.

No Vaccination/Expired Vaccination/Not A Licensed Veterinarian – if a vaccination has expired, there is no record of a vaccination or if a vaccination was not provided by a licensed veterinarian, the owner must quarantine the animal at a licensed vet clinic or at a recognized animal control facility at their own expense. If the animal is a stray, the expense would be placed upon the victim to quarantine.

Animals not vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian will be regarded as unvaccinated in the application of Oklahoma Administrative Code 310:599 Zoonotic Diseases. As such, any retail store providing sales of rabies vaccine must ensure visible notification to all customers for this product. 

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