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WIC Foods

Oklahoma WIC offers a supplemental food package to help participants meet their nutritional needs. Have questions about your WIC food package? Check out our WIC Food List, or call your clinic for more information.

Formula Transition Guides

Abbott has initiated a voluntary recall of certain powdered formulas, including some varieties of Similac, Alimentum and EleCare. The Oklahoma WIC Program utilizes Gerber brand infant formula as our statewide contract formula. Since Abbott is not our contract formula, the recent Abbott recall has only impacted a fraction of our Oklahoma WIC clientele. As it stands, individuals who have formulas affected by the Abbott recall are encouraged to:

  1. Return to Vendor. WIC participants have the same rights as all other consumers under this recall. Abbott states on its website that consumers may return recalled product to the vendor where it was purchased. USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) strongly encourages State agencies to provide maximum flexibility for participants to exchange recalled product as quickly as possible, following the same procedures for all other consumers. It is not required and FNS does not recommend that WIC State agencies require vendors to determine whether a product was purchased with WIC benefits as a part of the exchange process. 
  2. Return to Abbott. WIC participants have the same rights as all other consumers under this recall and may follow directions from Abbott, provided via or 1-800-986-8540 for returning recalled product.

Additionally, USDA has allowed waivers specific to the current formula recall, and those flexibilities are mainly intended for WIC agencies with Abbott as their contract formula brand. For more information on the Abbott recall and related USDA waivers, please visit the link below.

USDA Grants Additional WIC Flexibilities Amid Abbott Recall of Certain Powder Infant Formula | USDA

WIC Fact Sheets

Please view the following links for more information regarding the new WIC approved foods.  You can also contact us at 1-888-655-2942.

Looking for a WIC Approved store near you? We have over 400 WIC Approved vendors in the state of Oklahoma. Click below to find the most convenient vendor for you and your family!

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