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Oklahoma Stem Cell Research Reporting Form

HB 3126 Advancement in Stem Cell Cures and Therapies Act

HB 3126 Advancement in Stem Cell Cures and Therapies Act was enacted into law in November 2008. This legislation was authored in the House by Representatives Enns, Cox, Dank, Faught, McAffrey, McDaniel (Jeannie), Renegar, Rousselot, Sears, Steele, Shelton and in the Senate by Senator Crain.  

This bill was enacted to encourage stem cell research in the State of Oklahoma because stem cells are recognized to have great potential for treatment of life-threatening and debilitating diseases.   

The bill defines “human embryo” as a “living organism of the species Homo sapiens at the earliest stage of development, including the single-cell stage that is not located in the body of a woman.”  It also provides  for research on human tissue regeneration and human disease using adult stem cells and stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood and amniotic fluid to be conducted in the state provided that the research is performed safely and ethically, using only embryonic stem cell lines created prior to August 1, 2001, and in accordance with federal law as it existed on November  1, 2007.  The bill states when research is performed in accordance with the Advancement in Stem Cell Cures and Therapies Act no person or governmental body shall “restrict public funds designated for the stem cell research or obstruct or provide disincentives for the stem cell research.” In addition, the State Department of Health shall establish a reporting system that collects information regarding all activities carried out.

The State Department of Health established rules in March 2009 to assist organizations engaged in stem cell research with reporting requirements.  The State Department of Health provides an annual report to the Governor, President Pro Tempore of the Senate and Speaker of the House.  The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation are currently the only institutions in the state of Oklahoma engaging in stem cell research.   

Oklahoma Stem Cell Research Reporting Form
Instructions for using the Oklahoma Stem Cell Research Reporting Form

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