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Reporting Blood Lead Results to the State of Oklahoma

ALL blood lead results obtained on residents of Oklahoma are reportable to the Oklahoma State Department of Health's Oklahoma Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.

Lead is a 'reportable' condition in the state of Oklahoma and must be reported, regardless of the blood lead level/result. See the Reportable Conditions Rules for further information.

The Oklahoma Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (OCLPPP) maintains the blood lead surveillance databases for the state of Oklahoma. The OCLPPP receives blood lead results from reference labs such as DLO, LabCorp, ARUP, Regional Medical Laboratories, and others located throughout the United States for residents of Oklahoma. 

Providers, clinics, Head Starts, health departments, or other health service providers who utilize a point-of-care blood lead testing system, such as the Lead Care II® by Magellan, are required to report all such blood lead tests results to the OCLPPP.  These results shall be reported electronically through a secure website.

If you are a new user and have never uploaded an Excel® file to our webservice, you must contact our program to be set up as a user/uploader. 

Please call (405) 426-8311 and speak directly to the Lead Program. A user guide for confirming and managing your account with the web service is available here.

In order to report results, you will first enter them into a custom-made Microsoft Excel© template*. The latest version on the template is available at the following link.

The template must not be altered in any way.  Do not change the names or order of any of the columns and do not delete any of the column information.

 *If your office or clinic does not have access to Microsoft Excel©, you may download a compatible version of spreadsheet software free of charge by visiting Apache Open Office and downloading the Apache OpenOffice software. This software is available for computer systems running Windows, Linux, or OS systems. Please download the latest version of the software. The program within the OpenOffice suite that you will utilize to replace Microsoft Excel© is called "Spreadsheet". Once you have downloaded and installed the OpenOffice software, you will be able to use it to open and edit the template you have downloaded from the OCLPPP website.

The following information MUST be reported on all blood lead results.

  • Patient Name
  • Address (at time of testing)
  • DOB
  • Sex/Gender
  • Date Blood Sample was Obtained
  • Date Blood Sample was Tested
  • Sample Type (Capillary or Venous)-Note all testing on a Lead Care II® must be done using capillary (fingerstick) samples.
  • Test Result. (On the Lead Care II® a result of "Low" should be reported as <3.3)
  • Name and Address of Ordering Provider or Clinic

Additional information requested includes:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Middle Initial
  • Guardian Name and Phone number
  • Medicaid Number (if applicable)
  • Social Security Number
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