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Cinnamon Applesauce Recall

Three brands are under a recall because they may have been contaminated with lead and chromium

The applesauce comes in pouches and could pose health risks, especially to children and pregnant women.

WanaBana, Schnucks, and Weis  initiated voluntary recalls of certain lots of these products:

  • WanaBana brand apple cinnamon fruit purée pouches.
  • Schnucks brand cinnamon-flavored applesauce pouches and variety packs.
  • Weis brand cinnamon applesauce pouches.

If you or your family members have recently eaten any of the cinnamon applesauce pouches listed above, please take the following steps immediately.

  • Stop eating applesauce packaged in pouches from the affected batches or brands. You may throw them away or return them to the store.
  • Contact your healthcare provider for guidance, especially if you or your children have eaten these products.
  • Speak with your healthcare provider about testing for lead exposure.
  • Watch for any symptoms of lead exposure, such as abdominal pain, constipation, or irritability, however, be advised that in most cases, children with lead in their blood have no obvious symptoms.

Lead exposure can be dangerous to health, especially in children and developing fetuses. Low levels of lead can cause serious health issues, including developmental delays, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems.

Chromium is a naturally occurring element often found in a normal diet.  The two more common forms of chromium are trivalent chromium (chromium(III)) and hexavalent chromium (chromium(VI)).  Chromium(III) is considered an essential nutrient and is found in many dietary supplement, however, chromium(VI) is a known carcinogen.  Lead chromate which contains chromium(VI) has been used to adulterate turmeric and other spices previously.  Currently, the FDA testing cannot determine whether the chromium in the cinnamon of the recalled apple puree is chromium(III) or chromium(VI). 

Please contact our program if you want to speak to one of our case managers regarding questions about your child’s blood lead results: (405) 426-8311 or 1-800-766-2223.