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How to collect your family history

  • You can collect a family history by talking to your relatives.
  • Start with your parents if they are living. Older relatives are often good sources of information. Some relatives may not want to share their medical histories or they may not know their family history. Any information that you discover will be helpful to you.
  • Vacations, holidays and family reunions can be good times to collect this information.
  • If you are adopted you may be able to learn some of your family history through the parent(s) that adopted you or from adoption agency records.

Additional Sources of Information.

  • Check whether your family has existing family trees, charts, listing of family members.
  • Information may be recorded in baby books, birthday books, or a family bible.
  • Medical records are helpful but may be harder to obtain.
  • Call the “County Clerk” office where you live to get copies of birth, marriage and death certificates. (Look in the “Government” section of the phone book)
  • There are websites that have helpful resources for putting together family trees. (See section under websites)
  • It is important to collect accurate information, so verify the medical history whenever possible

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