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OK Senior Smiles Project

The purpose of OK Senior Smiles is to educate nursing home staff, residents and resident families on the importance of daily oral hygiene and the impact oral health has on one’s overall health.

The OK Senior Smiles Project, in partnership with the OK Senior Smiles Advisory Group and supported by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, developed a comprehensive oral health toolkit and education curriculum for nursing home staff, residents and resident families.  

Four components of OK Senior Smiles Project

  • Nursing Home Staff Training
    • The staff trainings can be virtual or live trainings conducted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health's Registered Dental Hygienist.
  • Nursing Home Resident Training
    • A live onsite oral health care training for nursing home residents and resident families.
  • Basic Screening Surverys (BSS)
    • Oral screenings are conducted by a dental hygienist as a tool to obtain data for oral health surveillance.
  • Educational Toolkit
    • The toolkit has links to additional online oral health trainings, educational material and posters to support program for sustainability.