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County Health Department Funding

Local Millage

A county has the ability to tax itself for the purpose of supporting the services of a county health department. This tax must be approved by a majority vote of the residents of that county. A tax of not to exceed two and one-half mills may be levied annually to support a county health department. The funds generated from such a tax levy can be used for no other purpose than to support a county department of health.

State Funds

The state commissioner of health is authorized to enter into an agreement with county boards of health whereby state funds will be used in conjunction with county funds. The commissioner of health in partnership with the board of county commissioners and the local board of health have authority to manage all public health matters and all public health funds. The commissioner of health appropriates funds to all county health departments based on an established fund distribution formula.

Federal Funds

Federal funds managed by OSDH are utilized to enhance the basic local health programs. Many of these programs such as Family Planning, Maternity, Child Health and WIC are provided to the citizens of a county based on population, county demographics, need and other variables. The decisions regarding allocations of these funds are not based in Local Health.

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