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Interpretation & Translation Services

The OSDH Office of Minority Health & Health Equity (OMHHE) offers language assistance to health department clients who have limited English proficiency and/or other communication needs, at no cost to them, to facilitate timely and effective access to health care and public health services.

OSDH also provides written materials in languages other than English to communicate effectively.

The following communication & language assistance methods are utilized:

  • Bilingual Staff
  • Language Identification Cards, Posters & Brochures
  • 24/7 Telephone Interpretation Services (Over 240 languages)
  • Face-to-Face or On-Site Interpretation Services
  • Document Translation
  • Sign Language Interpretation

If you are a client of OSDH or a local county health department and you need an interpreter, please ask a health department employee for assistance and/or point to the preferred language seen on language identification posters, cards and brochures located throughout health department facilities.

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